AT HOME WITH: Felizia Berchtold

AT HOME WITH: Felizia Berchtold

1. Tell us about what you do and what you like about it.

I’m a multi-disciplinary Designer working across Spatial Design, Visual Design & Creative Direction. Working creatively is a true privilege as it offers a framework for seeing, listening and thinking that guides me every day.

I’m curious about stories – whether personal, societal, object or material. I'm fascinated by how narratives weave together across design, as well as environments and experiences.

2. What object made your house a home?

It would have to be the two pairs of 4 metre-long curtains I spent a whole weekend sewing and hanging for the double height windows in my apartment. The addition of their materiality changed the whole light and atmosphere. And lamps – good lighting is a tool to create comfort.

Karin Bath Towel

3. How do you make a bathroom your own?

Bathrooms can be spaces of everyday luxury, and that's how I see mine. It is the space in which I get to pay attention to the senses; shutting out the world outside, even just for a moment.

From the products you use, to the materials that touch your skin, down to scent, lighting and music – there’s such simple ways to create rewarding rituals to begin and end the day with. Personally, I love using incense and candles and favour soft, indirect lighting.

4. What’s the first thing you do when you get out of the bath or shower?

Get dry, moisturise, slip into my bathrobe and put some warm socks on.

5. What draws you to the Karin and Ester prints?

I love their timeless beauty. They are expressive yet calm and warm in colour; each pattern based on archival textiles which I find especially intriguing.

6. Bath or shower?

Bath, always.

Karin Bath Towel and Ester Bath Towel
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